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Why Pipedream?

I just wanted to make a quick write up on the next team I’ve joined and the product we’re building - Pipedream.

MySQL read replica out of date

You expect read-only replica databases to be in sync with the real production database - especially when AWS is managing them for you cough.

Rails HTTP Status Symbols

You’d think request.headers would contain an array of HTTP headers. However, in Rails this variable includes the entire rack environment.

Actionsheets concept

Actionsheets is a concept on improving the tried & true spreadsheet for manual processing work, but with a focus on enabling end users to take actions on individual rows of the spreadsheet.

How to install a Touchscreen on Raspberry Pi - the missing manual

Installing a touchscreen on a Raspberry Pi is a cheap and easy way to start out an awesome project. It’s a great introductory build for those who want to start building out incredible home-built things like custom car dashboards, beer serving robots, and so much more.

Raspberry Pi printer printing too dark

This was a really annoying issue for me. I was able to setup CUPS on my Raspberry Pi for my photobooth project; however, when the physical photo printed the image was much too dark.

Rails HTTP Status Symbols

Ruby on Rails allows the use of symbols that correspond with HTTP statuses in controllers for easier reading. This is the entire list of available statuses.

Install NodeJS and NPM on Raspberry Pi in 2 steps

Not all Raspberry Pi applications are Python based; NodeJs is a great choice to build on Raspberry Pis. In fact, the widespread adoption of Electron.js allows Web developers to easily migrate to building desktop applications.

New developers - just keep flailing

I was hanging out with one of my good friends who happens to be a fellow developer. He tends to specialize in the frontend development, but he’s always kept his eyes on becoming that mythical full stack developer.

Control a DSLR Camera with a Raspberry Pi

Controlling a full fledged DSLR Camera with a Raspberry Pi opens up so many possiblities for your projects. You can create your own custom photo booths featuring a touchscreen and printer.

How Canton Built Seattle

The Rust Belt gets a unfair rep. Especially with all of the contributions it’s made to this great country. This one in particular piqued my interest as I was reading through a great book on Seattle’s History Sons of Profits.

How to install GrandPerspective with Brew

Back in my day (circa early 2000’s), we used this awesome tool called Disk Inventory X to peek into our limited hard drives to find old legally sourced .avi’s that were chewing up valuable disk space.

How to actually get free wifi at Philadelphia International Airport.

The Problem You can’t connect to the Philadelphia International Airport’s free wifi because the “Get Connected!” button never appears. Woof! I could care less you’re reading and analyzing every reddit post I stumble upon. Just give me free internet! My flight’s not taking off for a few hours.

Jailbreak an iPhone with Virtualbox

Like me you’re probably itching to get the latest iOS jailbreak on your iPhone, but alas! The newest jailbreaking software is written for …Windows only?!?. Fret not. Regardless if you’re using OSX or Ubuntu, if it can run Virtualbox you can still jailbreak your iPhone very easily.