Hi - I'm Dylan Pierce

I write Software


I design, implement, test, and evaluate technology solutions. I have been building full stack applications for personal and professional projects since 2014. But a tinkerer and computer enthusiast since 2003.

I've learned several high level languages such has Ruby, Python, PHP, Javascript (and Node), SQL, etc. I don't particularly specialize in one area. I love learning and trying new and old technologies.

In the end I am a problem solver, not a programmer. I seek to automate tasks and give my customers super powers to enrich their lives.

Most Freshest Blog Posts

How to install a Touchscreen on Raspberry Pi - the missing manual

Installing a touchscreen on a Raspberry Pi is a cheap and easy way to start out an awesome project. It’s a great introductory build for those who want to start building out incredible home-built things like custom car dashboards, beer serving robots, and so much more.

Raspberry Pi

Rails HTTP Status Symbols

Ruby on Rails allows the use of symbols that correspond with HTTP statuses in controllers for easier reading. This is the entire list of available statuses.

Install NodeJS and NPM on Raspberry Pi in 2 steps

Not all Raspberry Pi applications are Python based; NodeJs is a great choice to build on Raspberry Pis. In fact, the widespread adoption of Electron.js allows Web developers to easily migrate to building desktop applications.

Raspberry Pi

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